About Us

Balance Architecture is the creation of Frank M. Diurno.

“I have practiced the craft of architecture for twenty five years but my journey began as a child. As I witnessed the artistry of a trim carpenter, a craftsman, unfold before me on a daily basis by my father. It was my inspiration then, and is still now in observing all of his skills in action working any piece of wood into something beautiful by understanding the nature of materials.

I truly believe it was those details of his effort that helped me understand how important the craft of connecting things really drives the quality of work. I approach projects in my practice with the same conviction to understanding the connection of things to find a natural balance.

The common thread of our practice is conviction to understanding a client’s needs and then transforming it through design.

It is a collaborative effort with the client the architect and the graphic artist, to develop a unique experience of spacial relationships that have a greater value when combined as a whole.”